This is a Test

It is only a test.


About Eddy the Lion

Eddy is a lion who lives at the Detroit Zoo & Aquarium (DZ&A). In addition to being a resident of the DZ&A, he also serves as an instructor at the zoo’s Education Center, an advisor at its Research Center, and an all-purpose liaison between the zoo’s animal population and zoo personnel. Together with Ernest the sheep, Eddy is a co-author of this blog, "Imagining Sisyphus Happy," and co-host of the popular NPR political talk show "Fresh Hell." Eddy is also the author of a recently published biography on Trump titled Donald J. Trump: "The Bigliest Buffoon of Them All." Eddy has many interests including cosmology, evolutionary biology, behavioral ecology, marine biology, and wildlife conservation, as well as western philosophy, the philosophy of science, and American literature. He is a voracious reader of many fictional genres but favors literary fiction, lab lit, science fiction, and mystery. He also enjoys people watching, watching movies and listening to music (especially live blues at Boo’s in downtown Royal Oak). He likes craft beer, martinis, and the occasional mimosa. Favorite quote: “In wildness is the preservation of the world” – Henry David Thoreau To read a more detailed account of Eddy’s life, including how he acquired his ability to speak, please see “A Lion, a Sheep, and Space Alien Walked Into a Bar,” which will be available soon via this blog.

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