This, too, is a Test

Um … yeah, a test.


About Ernest the Sheep

Ernest is a sheep who lives at the Detroit Zoo & Aquarium (DZ&A). In addition to being a resident of the DZ&A, he also serves as a liaison between the ungulate populations in the zoo and zoo personnel. Together with Eddy the lion, Ernest is a co-author of this blog, "Imagining Sisyphus Happy," and co-host of the popular NPR political talk show "Fresh Hell." He is also the author of an upcoming book about Donald J. Trump’s early years, tentatively titled "The J. is for Jackass." Ernest’s interests include science, the philosophy of science, and science journalism. He enjoys martinis, people watching, American pop-culture, gossip, mischief-making, and using multiple social media formats to “fling poo” at the president. He also watches a lot of TV. Favorite quote: “There is no such thing as paranoia. Your worst fears can come true at any moment.” – Hunter S. Thompson To read a more detailed account of Ernest’s life, including how he acquired his ability to speak, please see “A Lion, a Sheep, and Space Alien Walked Into a Bar” on the About tab in his blog.

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